Friday, January 13, 2006

A Trail of Books

Like many writers, I'm also an avid reader. These days, it's mostly non-fiction on a wide range of subjects. I really like immersing myself in topics, reading several books on the same subject to glean varied interpretations of events and people. I also like to hear and see what I'm reading about. A number of excellent internet resources now make it possible to hear music, news and entertainment from recorded history. CBC Archives features actual news stories and documentaries on many events of the last 80 years. It's one thing to read about a person but an entirely different experience to hear their voice, how they enunciate, emphasize and inflect their word choices.

This week I'm reading From Eden to Exile: The Five-Thousand Year History of the People of the Bible* by David M. Rohl. I'm listening to a CD called Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians & Greeks by De Organographia.

There was a moment the other evening when the music and words seemed to meet and fall in love. I was reading the chapter on Joshua and the Hebrews challenging the city of Jericho. As I hit the description of the walls coming down, ancient trumpets sounded in my headphones. No kidding! I couldn't have the scored the scene better if I was Miklos Rosza. Next on the reading list: False Alarm: The Truth About the Epidemic of Fear by Dr. Marc Siegel.

*The title of the book varies depending on the version, and whether hardcover or paperbook. Makes for a confusing bibliography.

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Evenewra said...

Morey Morey Morey Morey Morey!!!!!

(Notice that there is an exclamation point for each "Morey.")

Mazel tov on the the new blog. I'm going to put it into my bloglines which I learned to use thanks to your own dear Alissa.

We miss you guys a lot!